Download Android APK


Compatible with Android Lollipop (5.0) or newer.

If your device runs an Android version between 4.1 and 4.4.4, download a previous version by clicking here.

Download the latest version of the app. Just follow these steps:

1- Make sure you have enabled the Unknown Sources setting on your Android device as shown on the video below

  • For Android version 7.0 and older: Settings -> Security -> Enable unknown sources.
  • For Android version 8.0 and newer: Apps & notifications -> Advanced -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps -> Chrome -> Allow from this source.
    Then download the app from the Chrome browser.

2- Click the “download” button and open the APK file.

3- Confirm the prompt and Zelda Alarm app will be intalled or updated.

Updating from version 2.4.0 (Play Store):

Unfortunately, its not possible to update to the new version from the one from the Play Store since they have different certificates.

You should first uninstall version 2.4.0 and then download and install the new one.

All settings and alarms will be lost, but all purchased items will still be there as long as you are logged in to the Play Store with the same account as before.

Problems downloading the app?

Some users have reported problems when trying to download the app. These are some solutions that worked for them:

-If you are using Google Chrome, please try using another browser such as Firefox.

-Some devices/browsers won’t let you easily open the download file. Try using a file explorer app (ie: My Files) with the appropriate permissions.

-Another option is to download the APK file from a PC browser, and then copying the file over to your Android device. Once that is done open the file with a file explorer app (ie: My Files) with the appropriate permissions.

-If all else fails try googling “[your device model] install unknown source” and check the resulting solutions/videos.

-If you need further assintance contact us through our Facebook page or send us an email.