Download Zelda Alarm Clock

The app should work on any phone using Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer.
Whether you are installing the app for the first time or you want to update to the latest version, just follow these quick and easy steps:
  1. Press the download button at the end of this guide and wait until the zeldaalarm.apk file finishes downloading and press the "open" button on the confirmation popup.
  2. If this is the first time installing the app, a popup message will tell you that you need to change a setting in order to install apps from unknown sources. Press the "setting" button and it will take you to the "Install unknown apps" screen where you need to enable the switch next to "allow from this source".
  3. A popup message will ask you if you want to install or update zeldaalarm.apk. Press the confirmation button and wait until the installation finishes.
  4. Congratulations, your app is installed and ready to use!
Absolutely! But you don't have to trust me. Modern Android phones are quite secure as all apps run in a sandbox where they must ask permission to do "dangerous" things. So you can tell if an app seems fishy by the permissions that it requests (ie: If a calculator app is asking for access to your photos). Zelda Alarm Clock requires only the essential permissions to work properly. These are:
  • Internet access: To stream and download the music
  • Receive boot completed: To know when the phone restarts and sync the alarms
  • Wake lock: To prevent the app from going to sleep when an alarm is active
  • Vibrate: So the phone can vibrate when the alarm goes off (if enabled)
  • Use full-screen intent: So the app can open by itself and show the alarm full screen
  • Schedule exact alarm: To set the system alarms that the app uses to go off
  • Post notifications: To send notifications when a new version of the app is available
  • System alert window: In newer Android versions this is required so that the app can open by itself while the device is being used
If you are having trouble following the guide above, try the following:
  • If the download button is doing nothing, try long-pressing it and then choose "open in a new tab".
  • If you can't enable the "install unknown apps" setting, check out this Youtube video that explains how to do it in detail.
  • Use another browser: I recommend using Google Chrome, but you can try Firefox, Brave, or any other option.
  • If all else fails try googling “[your-phone-model] install unknown source” and check the resulting solutions/videos.
  • Finally, you can contact us for further assistance or other comments.